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Friday, April 5, 2013

Chelle’s canning camper

So the neighbor called up a month ago or so and was all excited that they were getting a new RV.  She had been wanting one for a very long time.  I was very excited for her.  She then asked if anyone would be interested in her old one.  Not that we need any more ‘clutter’ around here as we are still buying the dump I swear, but I have been wanting a ‘space’ to call my own to can in.  So she called this morning to let us know it was time to get the trailer. 

We spent the morning cleaning the pile of junk the contractors left us…

I really thought I had a picture of the junk.  Apparently I lost it somewhere.  Needless to say the dump trailer is about full already and I have a canning camper…


Isn’t it just adorable!  Well maybe adorable isn’t the right word… but I am excited to have it and look forward to the project of fixing it up and getting it ready for canning season.  Oh you wanted pictures of the inside too???  Well that was an afterthought.  I’ll get them tomorrow.  lol 

Pass the next ones along to Miss Mandy… Lola LOVES all the play clothes.  I am now hunting for a dress up basket to keep them in.  If spiderman (child) (girl?) wasn’t so fast I would have snapped a picture off for her…


So I am still reeling from the fact I got absolutely NO pictures of us all together… I guess I am going to have to take Russ’ camera to download pictures from the Caves.  Until next time… hugs to all the children’s and know we love you over here…

Special Assembly Day and Memorial


It started out well enough.  Matching outfits ( thanks Miranda for putting up with me ) and ready to go.  Hair in braids, and all adorable.  By the end of the morning session we have what you see below… lol


Lunch break… braids are now pony tails…. but the Assembly was great and the kids all being together was nice.  Smile 



Onto Memorial… only two days later…



Thank you again Miranda for humoring your poor mother and wearing matching dresses with your little sister. You two were adorable!  It was nice having Mercedes and family with us too so that I could get my hugs in with Tristen.  The three brothers there asked for picture… but when I took it, I heard my camera make a funny noise.  Its not working properly anymore… so I am not sure which one broke it as they guarded the emblems…  lol. 

So there you have it Mom.  I should have found the camera while you all were here.  I am good at this living stuff, not so much the documenting.  But I try…  I Love you….