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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Memorial 2014

A day to be Thankful.  A Day to remember.

We started out ok.  Then Lola fell in the grass staining up her new dress.  So we had to opt for a back up.  She fell asleep on the way to the Kingdom Hall and Dairy Queen was closed after the talk and every one was leaving.  I guess that is what we get when we live in Rural Small Town USA.  LOL  We bought some ice cream and root beer and make floats.  The kids thought that was neat thing beings we don't eat sugar during the school week.  They thought they were getting away with one.  hehehe

I haven't been told what the count is yet... but it was full!  I love Memorial... always have.  Miranda and I stayed up late and watched the eclipse, so that was a neat treat.  Neither one of us wanted to get out of bed this morning.  Its getting later, so I am not going to make that mistake again.  Goodnight Grandma.  :)  Lola will have to talk to you tomorrow.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

New garden

New beginnings!!!

 The beds are all filled now, and I will take more pictures later.  I have completely wore myself out filling them up.  But it sure looks nice out there now!

 Grape vines they pulled out yesterday by the composting area.  One compost pile we are pulling from, one we are building.  Anyone into making wine want some very old stock of wine grapes???

 Pretty hard to imagine it was a complete junk yard a few years ago.  I love spring... it always looks like a park this time of year.  As long as I keep the grass mowed.  lol

 Tucked in there is the kids playhouse that we are vamping up to paint.  they have decided they want it Barn Red.  Should be fun!  ;)

 Not quite the junkyard it was in 2010 when we bought it.  Sometimes you just have to take pictures to remind yourself that all your hard work isn't for nothing.   We ARE making progress!  

 Can you see her hiding in there between the bales of hay?  Her sister is in the chicken coop and has hatched out two ducklings that I can see for sure.  She has 12 eggs under there.  We are eager to see how many make it.  Russ has an itch to get back into rabbits... we will shall wait and see!


 Rhubarb and currants.  I love this corner.  Its so nice and cool there.  It will be nicer once Russ and I tear out that shed and have the lean to against the shop.  It will open the garden up more.

 Keyhole gardens.  I  need to top them off and we will plant squash in them this year.  And there is Miss Lola... ever posing for me! ;)

I wish I could go back and put some of the same shots in there of the 'before pictures', but you will have to just trust me!  Even though we still have a TON of work to do around here... the property doesn't look like a junk yard anymore (except around the shop, its our last frontier!)  The grape vines are gone now too.  Someone needs to come and get them!  We will plant seedless ones in the future.  

Until next time... Happy Homesteading!! ;)