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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The inside... prepics

All I can say is I have about the best friends in the whole world.  And I know I have the best new neighbors!  They are truly a blessing!!!  Things have been extremely busy packing up the old place and dismantling buildings and getting ready for the huge haul in the next few weeks.  I have thrown my hands up and pretty much let my friends take over for me.  I am so tired and so overwhelmed that I appreciate each and every one of them.  My new neighbor and closest friend here in the valley has taken me the last three days to a place called "Habitat for Humanity REstore".  Its all the contracters leftovers... and she has found an entire kitchen for $500.00.  cabinets, counter tops, sink and faucet...Carpets remnants for $35.00.  Linoleum for $20.00... so needless to say, she is a true blessing!  I am only posting pictures we took of the inside so when she is done you can see the immense transformation.  While she is busy with the inside and I am still packing and moving critters and still trying to squeeze in soccer games and choir concerts, her wonderful husband has mowed a path through the garden area to the gate we share... and he brings coffee and cookies! I see a long and eventful friendship forming... and am very honored to have them so close. 
so here is the inside...

So the inside is in need.  I will post pics as we go along I hope... I forget the camera alot...

On a positive note, the rabbits are hung, and here are pictures of their new surroundings.  Still work to be done there as well, but they are "home"...

One they are hung we screw in the top wire so they dont move.  If they sway at all we attach another small chain to the bottom to hold it in place.  We have left extra wire on the front, I didnt have time to muck the stall... and so we will be able to lower them soon, when I have the floor cleared out.  I still need to wall up the hole there and put in a back wall and put one in front of Rosie there.  She is a full size Rex...  that will block that side from wind.  We will wall up the other side with the fryers as well to block wind and then eventually put up a door.  :)  All in good time... all in good time! 
Tomorrow starts the 2 weeks time frame we have to pull this all off for the inside to be livable for my kids.  More pics to come after the big move... I hope!   :)

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  1. You have some Cals, too, it looks like!

    Your work is cut out for you, yet it looks much less bad than I had feared. I wish you well in this adventure, and you will have plentiful prayers for smooth sailing!