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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Garden update... the hoophouse and tater towers...

 I am finally getting around to get a few pics of the garden.  Russ has done wonders with the hoophouse.  its almost done.  We will bring in the pea gravel to fill the pathway and the rest will be planting and rotating crops... mulching, fertilizing and go from there...  Lola is my side kick these days.  All the other kids thin they need to be in school or something!  lol  she follows me everywhere and is learning how dirt is good!  And she loves to plant seeds. 

 mmm... garlic!

 From the other direction... as my helper jumps on the stones to make sure they aren't off balance.

She made it!  
 The beginning of potato towers.  As the plant grows, more mulch, dirt, and fertilizer will be added with each new "panel"... 

 Its not where its going to stay, but the frame of the sweet potato "pit"... the roll of hardware cloth is next to it... they are all lined underneath with it.  We have serious gophers here... so anything "raised" has the hardware cloth under it.  

 A peek into the main garden.  All the potatoes and the hoop house is along the fence line on the outside of the garden.  behind those lays the small orchard we put in last year. 

 The name of this particular rose that sits outside the garden entrance is Mirandy... we bought our Miranda another one this year to keep it company.  Its doing well though.  If I took any sort of decent picture.... you could see all the new growth.  LOL  

 The Rhubarb already... as the pictures show... I REALLY need to weed the
 rhubarb row!  And add the last rhubarb Russ bought me this year to finish off the corner. 

 We had them all over in the garden last year, so this year we have lined them all up.  Only the first one has peas planted in it.  the other two need adjusted so they are more linear (can you say I have issues with OCD)... and then we will plant more along the trellis'.  

See... the peas are coming up! 
 I am so excited!!!  This next week I will be in the garden ALOT getting things weeded and ready to plant.  mulching the asparagus and getting the leeks in order... the herb garden needs attention and so do the artichokes!  I think Spring is really here... my other favorite time of year!  Happy Gardening!


  1. Just joined homestead-work and found you from there.
    What an amazing place you have.
    So many people plant herbs and I am clueless about them.
    Look forward to following your blog as we will soon be homesteading, too.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Thanks Linda... You will never regret the decision to be self sufficient... except to have started sooner... lol See you on Homestead-work... :)