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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chicks of 2012

Well here we are in 2012.  We went to buy our "usual" feed only to find out that with every bag we bought we got 3 pullets for free.  So here is a math question for nieces and nephews... how many bags of feed did Aunt Chelle buy to come home with 60 chicks??? 

 Oh and this leads us to Uncle Russ next experiment.... sweet potatoes!  look at the potatoes not the chick... I already need to take more pictures.  Not that the bathroom is small enough... but Uncle Russ has all sorts of things growing...

 It bloomed in March.. isn't it pretty?  Geraniums pair well with grapes... so we will plant it by the grapes later... :) 
Uncle Russ found old artichokes from last year and opened them up to find seeds sprouting.... so they are now growing in the bathroom... lol  Never a dull moment around here... I will take more pics... he started some watermelons to see if he could... HE DID! 

More to come  later... until then... happy homesteading! 

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