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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bolan Lake 2011

Ok... so we arent quite to Bolan Lake yet... this is the day after the reunion when Mom and Dad came out with Nin and Casey and Mandy and Tom and all the "chillins"  Here's the Hunter Clan as we know it...  My four, "Aggy" as Lola calls Alex, Nin's two and Mandy's two... that's enough grand kids right???  

The sister picture... ok... I really really needed a shower first ladies... THANKS!  lolol  

Here we are at Bolan Lake... our group was about hmmm... now I have to think... 23 people that camped this year.  We went before Labor Day and I think I liked it better.  Not as cold at night.  The downside (or upside!!) are the elderberries arent in yet so we are going back in a month to get elderberries for the year.  mmmm.... elderberry pies!   

So we have the other " Camp Nazi"  and my closest friend Cheryl...  she and I herded the kids and made them pick up their trash and after Russ and I cooked she had others help her clean... it was a WONDERFUL camping trip I thought... and I am already planning and gathering for next year!  Maybe we can convince the "Fence Nazi" Don to join us just for a day!  

 This is the cage... where all smaller humans are kept when arms are not able to hold them any longer so they are safe and yet in the middle of the group.  Lola loves her cage!  hehehe

 Our gentleman helper... Alex... now with two Alex'zzz with us... Big Alex had to rely on his nickname from Lola... Aggy!  Lil Alex... helped us with matches, hiking, quality control with food to make sure it tasted ok for the group and he was in charge of card games!
 Athena and Kylie... at the edge of the campsite... headed up the hill.  Kylie was in charge of Nursery Rhymes... like...

Who let the Dogs out?  Who? Who? Who?

 Beautiful Bree was in Charge of learning to master the raft.  I am not sure if she won the raft race or not... but she mastered the raft!

 Striking a pose!  Lola

 My Miranda was in charge of swimming... and she swam and swam and swam... and dropped into camp long enough to refuel and then away she went!!

 I think they won!

 Norman is taking charge of Camp Director position.. making sure us women are taking our rolls seriously... and to make sure the otter pops were ok for the kids to eat... 

 We wore little Kylie out.  Her first camping experience... and she finally crashed... otter pop in mouth... you can see she was NOT letting it go... ever!

We hiked on into Tannon Lake as well... here we all are headed out for a couple of hours away from the main camp... My main man... fishing pole in hand ready to feed the troops on  nothing but trout... good thing we packed sandwiches... they weren't biting!

And what a beautiful lake it is...
 Group that went hiking...

 Lola letting Tyler and Matt know who is in charge... hehehe

 Aggy... gotta love Aggy...

 Back at camp last day... making breakfast... I really hate cameras!  

 Cards...  I think Tori was in charge of camp quiet.. she is the quietest little thing... but we had fun eatin popcorn and playing flashcards Friday night... she is the camp trooper with a hurt foot... hiking anyway and not complaining... You go girl!  You go! 

 Our other "supervisor"... our Beloved Sheila... making sure the coffee isn't too strong and the bacon is cookin just right!  hehehe
 Gotta love the view... its wonderful...

 Here is Norman babysitting... making sure the kids are in the cage... lol

 Tristen making sure the swing works properly at all times... 

 One last final dip into the lake while we packed up... 

Our devious duo... ready for trouble and lakes at a moments notice... I hope they all had fun and are ready for next year... we will stay longer and play harder...

Happy Camping!!!  

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  1. Hey - could we have a couple of pictures next time?


    Looks and reads like you had a great time! I'm glad for you.