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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well I forget what day we are into this... but we have made great strides.  We have more friends than we realize and they keep showing up helping with so many things.  Here are a pictures of the last few days.  Everything from tearing out wallpaper to painting to putting the cabinets in.  And some to play grandma and just hold the baby so she is content and out of the way...

 Lil one has been dubbed the straw boss... just telling everyone what to do...:)

 Yeahh... tear things up and not get into trouble!!! 

They are gorgeous cabinets... I still cant believe the deal she got on them.  :) 

So not all of our friends are "sane".. well neither am I come to think of it.  So when you start digging out the soft spots in the floor that need repaired you never quite know what to expect right? 

I am not sure which country we told him that petrified rat is a delicacy...  but we stopped him!  lol  Poor little rat... at least he was warm in all that insulation. 

Tomorrow we hope to get the floors done.  We ran into town to pick up carpet and linoleum and subflooring... now if only the rains let up for the weekend... we can partially move in I think! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, you got a genuine LOL for that rat!

    And I sit here reflecting that you are a very, very rich woman. How many among us have such friends? What a blessing. I suspect you are a blessing to them in turn.