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Friday, November 5, 2010

Removing the kitchen

Here are my friends that have decided I need help... :)  And we appreciate it more than words can express.  I always enjoyed fixing things and building things with Dad and the family growing up... I hope my kids learn to enjoy it too..  As we discussed the best parts about fixing things we all seemed to agree that using a hammer to dismantle something is a very liberating experience... even for us girls.  Its the only time we get to "ruin" something... and we cant get in trouble! 

So far we have removed most all of the paintable wallpaper that needed to be removed in the "great room" and the hall way.  We have started in the back room and have removed shelves from the middle room.  The kitchen is about empty.  Here is a picture of what the new cabinets/drawers will look like.  I have never had any cabinets this nice so I am ver excited about the kitchen...

All the carpet is out now except the front room.  I have other things in there like new carpet and pad..lol  I will begin in there tomorrow... but the back room is coming along as well...

Our other neighbors I have known for 18 years now.  We joke about following each other from town to town.  At one point 18 years ago I owned a cleaning business.  They still own the carpet cleaning and janitorial business.  We referred clients back and forth alot back then... They came in and worked their magic today for odor removal.  The blowers are going and it smells a whole lot better! 

KILZ is a great product!  We have 5 gallons but I think I may end up buying more...  My friend in charge says we will put it on the floors, walls and some of the ceiling... then we will paint over it.  :)  Once all the wallpaper is off, and all the tacks are out of the floors... we will begin the paint journey...
I do have to say I am enjoying this... through the tired and shoulder pain that is relentless... We said this is our last adventure... so why not go out with a bang!  lol   and to a place I know we will enjoy and with people I absolutely adore!!!

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