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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here's for you Mom...

Either we need to live closer to my family or they need to live closer to me!  :)  Winter is always hard, but with a project like this... and weather so uncooperative... it makes it hard to travel...  and when your daughter had Fibro and is trying to type a finger short after trying to cut the tip off in the garden today... these updates are for you Mom...

 Our room... still needs some work... but hey, we have a bed!  lol

 Downsizing again to a smaller closet... I guess I better just stay the same weight and get rid of all the inbetween size clothes!  hehehe
 Yes... I like IHOP commercials... hahahahaha

 the squeeze shoot through for laundry...  YES I MISS MY LAUNDRY ROOM! 

 I am growing up Grandma... I feed myself and I think I can do pretty much everything... myself.  I have two teeth and two more coming in... I can stand up and balance when no one is watching and I will  be walking the next time I see you...

 Looks cluttered, but hey I am still finding boxes to unpack and the corral takes up the whole living room!  :)

 Little girls closet... we are just in need of the curtain to close it off... we'll get there... soon enough!
 Cheryl has made all the curtains... I didn't realize I hadn't taken any pictures of the rest of the windows... I'll do that for you tomorrow... She is awesome!  they came out great and match the comforter and sheets you all bought Lola for her crib exactly!  :) 
 Dad needs to help me sand the dresser down and refinish it... but hey... the clothes are clean and folded... for the moment... Miranda can tear apart a room in about ten seconds flat!
 I still need to go get the hood, and Woody has ran into some snags with MS School and other family obligations... and CO visit this week... hopefully next week we can get the rest of the kitchen in... if not... the next week or the next one... lol 
 So I told her to watch her lil sister while I took a three min shower... and this is what I came out to... she covered her up... what a good big sister!  :) 
 I am a leapfrog Mom... and they had a killer sale...  picked up 6 games, one adapter, and two toys for Lola... all for 59.00... I think its still going.. I can email you info if MY lil Sis is into Leapfrog stuff for the lil ones...
 She had never opened a present before.. so we had to help...:):):) 

 Miranda on the other hand... has no problems!  look out!

 YEAHHHHH  leapfrog!  I love my leapster...  And I am going to stay up all night to master my new games!

 Russ calls this the psychedelic picture... caught her thrashing the wrapping...lol

Ok... I promise I will update and take more pics tomorrow.  You are right (like always!) that we have more done than we realize...  I did put a big dent in the garden until I cut my finger... and Russ has a tractor on loan right now from a friend so he is making our mudhole even muddier!  :):):)  I am researching gravel options... and he has the frame of the chicken coop up.  Should start putting in rafters tomorrow and walls we hope! I should be able to clear the rest of the garden area so Russ can use the tractor to turn over the ground a couple times too next weekend... the other end has the rototiller hooked up to it.  I think we are going to have to find a tractor for him!  He is having too much fun and we are getting lots accomplished!

And the Benson Adventure continues... :) 

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