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Monday, December 13, 2010


Our room has become a catchall... so another day to take photos... but here are the other areas...

 You know having three sisters sometimes makes the poor guy feel left out...so here is is one and only tiara model shot!  lol  What a goofball!  The things he does to get the baby to laugh! 

 I just love the curtains in the hall... just the right touch of gold... and the emboidered lace is so vintage... Cheryl always does such fantastic work!  I stop and look at them every time I pass through the laundry shoot!  hehehe

 It almost looks like a house!  :)  And I just made room for more ... BOXES!!!!  lol

 More shelves to be put in above microwave.... and above the mobile island as well... (below)....

 I am ready to move the chandelier...  I think we finally found the permanant spot for the table... I think!

 I know there is a box out there in a land far far away with their pictures of giraffes and crocodiles... We'll find it someday if the gnomes and elves dont hide it too well! heheeh

 Yes.. I am without lampshades... two broke in the move... so I am on the hunt for new ones...
Mr Whiskers says,"  Yep... this is as close as I get to the outside world... it looks wet and big and whew... it would take way to much energy to even get to the door... I better just lay here and hold this table in place..."

more later... tomorrow I deal with the Maytag repair man... a recall on our dishwasher... and unpack more boxes... maybe I'll take a few of the shop so we can always remember the chaos it was in the beginning too... thus the expression,"  Its in a box... in a land... far far away" ..:)   And off we go to the shop... to dig in the chaos of boxes and furniture still out there...

Happy homesteading! 


  1. Holy cow, it's looking SO GREAT there! You must be so, so pleased. Hey, I chuckled out loud when I saw the dry erase board - I have one of those here, too :)

  2. Honestly... the month we were in the travel trailer fixing things and the kids were without it... its like they couldn't remember the same chores that were written there EVERY DAY! lol So I bought some new pens in cool colors to help them remember at the new place! :)