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Sunday, December 19, 2010

First snow

Need we say more... no I didn't join them today... it was just too cold!  But its officially winter with snow on the ground and hot cocoa going in the kitchen!

 Let the forts be built! 

 Gloves?  What are those?   I'm tuff!  Don't worry about it! 

 Shhh... they cant see me...really they cant see me...

 Nanaanananaaana....   you cant get me I'm the oompaloompaman!  tehehe... 

 Yes... yes we need hot cocoa.. how am I suppose to win the snowball war without cocoa? 

Not a ton of snow, but beings they lived their whole lives on the coast without snow up until three years ago... they LOVE it!  :):):) 

The almost five inches we got hit so fast this morning, Russ had to come home from being on his way to work, it took 40 minutes to make it 20 miles and then there were accidents before he even hit the canyon that  he couldnt make it to work.  I left meeting early as did half the congregation... I slid all the way there in the truck and Don and Cheryl followed us home... no one was ready for snow... this evening with the lightning and thunder and wind... Little Russ watched a couple small trees fall at the back end of the property.  I guess I will have to take a look tomorrow... when its light and I am warm! 

Tomorrow I plan to breed rabbits.  I know only my old girls will take and do well, so I need to get the others ready for breeding season and get them used to breeding period!  So... here we go! 

Happy homesteading...

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