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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting back on track...

So months have passed.  Many things have happened.  Too many that have kept us away from indoors and computers other than checking email and paying bills.  I feel really bad though that I haven't put up anything for Dylan and Mya... so these next pictures are for you two OK?

Lola was playing outside... and came in for a snack.  Took her hair out of her pig tails and got into the chocolate chip cookies... hmm... Uncle Casey needs to see her all dirty! 

 Tristen is learning how to draw circles with Lola

 Mr Drool...

 Miranda being a goober... 

 This is T-Bone.  He is cute isn't he? 

 And this is MeatLoaf.... 
Miranda helps give them their bottles every day.  They really like their bottles.  :)  

 There are three chickens here... can you find the two black ones?  Lola carries them around every day. 

 Heather and Alex headed to one of the school dances...

A trio of trespassers!  They need to take their dance to the high school.  I don't think the house can take it! 

Well my little ones... Aunt Chelle is sorry I haven't put up any pictures for you in a while.  I will try and do better so you can see whats going on here until we can get to see you in the summer.  We love and miss you!!!  Hug Bailey and Bryce for me... Be good for your Mom and Dad... and Grandma!
Love Aunt Chelle

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