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Friday, February 11, 2011

Making progress

 There's my lil sunshine.... She takes more pictures than I do...and they are always more fun... :)  Dont know what I would do without my Miranda....

 After two months in a row of a $500.00 a month power bill, the skirting went up.  Russ also got busy to build a bird feeding station outside the living room window... he has wanted to do that ever since we moved in.  Now like everything else... we wait for warmer weather and it will be painted! 

 Just the skirting on the other side... and our mudhole in front of the steps... tha little deck is about to get rebuilt too... and made larger. 
 This is a before shot of what will become Miranda and Lola's play area.  The fence will come down and the area cleaned up... we will bring in sand and gravel to put around the play house...
 The front end is getting better, back by the shop is still a mess... but it will be easier to clean that out once the old owner comes and gets their stuff.  March cannot come too soon for me!  :):)

 The beginning of a friendship path... or is it going to be the yellow brick road... the stack of bricks dug out from around the property there to the left is four bricks deep. 

 This became a flower bed... It was all the dirt dumped from old pots sitting around the garden... so I have planted some Iris... and a few daffodil.  I am looking through my seeds to see what else I should tuck under the walnut tree... lol

 Yesterday we finished the yellow brick road.  Well mostly... We need to get more sand (and replace the sand from Don and Cheryl's sandbox!!)  I have to get the paint and wait for warmer weather to dry things out some more... but at least we aren't walking in mud. 

 Norman and Shelia came over and Norman helped get the garden area plowed up.  Man is it looking great! 

 Dont you just want to go start planting things????  Its killing me to not play in the dirt yet!  lol 

 The fence is down and the junk hauled off.  the lil metal building is stripped and ready to be turned into a sitting area.  More paint needed.  We are getting close to planting the grass in the bare areas...

 These are before pictures of what will be Miranda and Lola's playhouse.  It was the chicken coop that was here.  Its only about 8x12... but we will turn it into a magical little house of playthings for the little girls. 

 Really?  Rhis is my playhouse?  Its kinda.. well gross in here!    lol  Power washers and Kilz paint will go a long ways... and some curtains and a throw rug... :)  It will be great! 
And our other faithful helper.  Starting to look his age... but never to old to chew on an old piece of wood...

So this is our progress on the outside with all the mild weather... I hate to see fire season this summer, but it sure has helped in us getting a jump start on the outside. 

Happy  homesteading!!! 

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  1. What amazing progress you're making! I'm so excited for you. That playhouse will be a thing of magical memories. Lucky girls. And your garden plot? Well, since mine is under about 28" of snow at present, I'd say I'm green with envy - except that there hasn't been anything green here for MONTHS. Enjoy for me, ok?