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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More cleanup...

 So this is what we see from the  back end of the garden... I know we all need storage, but it really has driven us nuts looking at this huge "box" in the yard... Well today the truck came to haul it away!  YEAH!!!!!  I know the garden still needs lots of work, but this was our huge accomplishment of the day... :):) 

 He needed quite a bit of room to haul the 48 foot box off the property...  He was a nice man that actually used to work with our good friend Norman there... slowly but surely we are getting rid of things...

 And here we are, watching, waiting, FREEZING!  Its May already... wheres the sunshine and warm weather???
 Chiefs... for all us Indians!  lol 

 And look... it uncovered an area that I think will work wonders for potatoes!  Miranda is checking for me... making sure there is enough worms... lol 
 now we can see into the garden... and it will clean up really nice! 
Stopping traffic to get him out of the driveway... WOW huh!  it was pretty neat watching him move that thing....
 and with a thumbs up.... we are one step closer to cleaning everything up...

We have been going full speed ahead with school coming to an end for the year, baby showers, trip to Disneyland.... so I am sorry I haven't posted... I will "try" and do better and get more updated pictures in the next few days... really I will!!!

Until then... happy homesteading! 

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