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Friday, June 17, 2011

Moving up...

Here is Bub graduating 8th grade...  :):)  They  call it moving up... but its graduation!  What a fun evening!

 Still chewing his smile... lol   On his way to the ceremony...

We sat on the edge so the girls could run off some energy...  she's pretty cute huh???

Looks like a devious duo! 

 These next ones are of the choir.  He has sang in the choir for four years...  They made it to the Heritage festival this year.  Our budget was cut and there will not be a choir next year at the middle school.  :(  I am glad he was able to experience what he did there...
 They are singing "We are the World" by Michael Jackson.  They did a couple of his songs... but this one they did with sign language which was kind of neat too... 

 In line waiting for that certificate!

 YEAH!  HE DID IT!!!  

 Can you see me now?  

 I think I can... oh no you cant... I think I can!!!


 This is what a puppy does... lolol  

 Walking out from the two hour ceremony... 

 Yeah its over... :):)  I think Mom and Dad have a picture of me somewhere with my face scrunched... she loves to scrunch her face... what a goofball... 
 Yup... THAT'S MY BOY! 

 Heather was taking the picture... but there we all are (mostly)... that Saturday we BBQ'ed up the last of "Sir Loin" for his graduation dinner.  Mercedes made him cupcakes and we had a fun day.  
Whew!  One down... next year we have Heather graduating from High School.  I'll take the summer break to catch my breath and look for extra work!  
More later... on our way to Mercedes pre op appt for her planned C Section. 

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