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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Playhouse and garden...

Russ and I prepped to plant tomorrow... I finished the grapes and Russ built two "trellis" boxes for beans and for cucumbers... we are enjoying "recycling" everything around us.  Cattle panels that are not in use  are being utilized in the garden...  

 It started raining... so she grabbed my thermal shirt to put on...lol  if she doesn't look pathetic!!  lolol 
She helped plant the beans along the trellis... we look forward to walking under the "tunnel" and picking beans.

Here is the deck being put together for the playhouse... Its become a larger project than the two oldest kids thought!  But they are learning... they have the railing to put on and a final coat of paint on the inside... and it will be done except for outside paint... 
I have promised Russ I will take more pictures in the morning... to show the second hoop trellis for the cucumbers and what all we are doing.  
So until next time... hug your hunny!

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