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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garden Update 2012

So here we are with everything we are planting and doing around here... 

Main garden entrance... 

kale and swiss chard... cucs along the fenceline

eggplant and celery... 

radishes in the triangle.. hoops have beans, lemon and Armenian cucs, and peas

the work area.. I really need to mow it!

 rhubarb... currants, artichokes, and flowers for the wedding against the tin shed...

grapes... and in between three rows of beets... the green line is lining turnips and parsnips...

Cheryl's Iris... I keep encouraging them to hop the fence... lol

tomato beds... ready for maters... we will plant in a couple days...

My latest love... columbine... I will be planting many more for next year!

potato beds... and a yard that needs mowed!

Diakon Radishes... also kohlrabi, cow peas, pinto bean, and okra.  Behind are the onion beds. 

Only seed maters... the rest go in the beds, but these are for seed saving!

Peaches... We are thrilled to get so many on this lil tree this year...

the pool is up and ready to go!!!  now it needs to heat back up!!!

the hoop house looks better now.  I weeded and pulled out lettuce seeds... we are planting the next round of greens... I LOVE this hot house...  Russ did fantastic with it!!! 

I know the update is short and sweet.  The DC is this week, then graduation, then graduation party, and then moving Alex into his new apt... so I will post as soon as I have a chance!  :)
Happy Homesteading! 

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