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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Home on its way

Its been months I know.  Lets just say the summer and fall got away with us between weddings, and back surgery for Russ, and packing... and we are just trying to keep our heads above water. 

She is standing about where the new front door will be.  The hazelnut bushes behind her will be pulled out.  We are all getting pretty excited to have a real home soon...
Now you see the dead walnut tree... 
Now you dont!  The travel trailer is there now in front of the shop... remember when it looked like this?? 

  I guess it is starting to look better huh???
I think thats about our 'last' outside pile of junk ready to haul off.  Its taken two years, but we are almost there!!!  And yes.. he is the king of Dads!  :)
My boy!  waiting for his breakfast...

We piled the walnut tree branches that could be used for firewood to be split up later and up they crawled.  My two little peas in a pod...

well... as junky as it looks.. its served us well for the two years we were in it.  Remember when it looked like this???


Here's the front area now...
You know the one you can't see with Labamba there blocking the view of the girlz playhouse?
And the huge test hole dug for DEQ?  lol  We are that close though!!! 
The last picture of the pool.  I just finished taking it down to store until Spring.  It will go in the new back yard... I think Russ said we will make this a parking area and if I know us, more hoop houses!!  :) 

The last of the burn piles.  By next week the old mobile will be hanging out in the field until the new house is in.  They will haul it away on the final trip. 

Well not much of an update, but an update nonetheless....  Tomorrow I will take more 'prepics' as things develop this next week.  This is Russ and I's last 'big' adventure, we are tired.  As I am sure we will have many smaller ones as we watch the little girls grow, we embrace this last adventure in life together. 
As always ... Happy Homesteading! 

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