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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prepping to pull out...

This is what you see turning into the driveway... the driveway that failed inspection, so we have to redo this part along here I guess.  Eventually we will get the rest done, all the way back to the shop where the travel trailer is sitting, but for now it is another permit and more gravel to upgrade the beginning of the driveway. 

As you look to the left and  back a little there are a couple of dogs that moo... lol The are growing... not as fast as I would like, but I am ready for some spring grass too!  Ever so curious.

Lola dragged out a slide.  She hadnt been out in days with the rains, so it was nice to see her playing.  You can see the test hole over there, and they are taking everything away from the old mobile. 

Daddy's lil helper.  She's got her shopping cart, he's got his garden cart.  :)  And this is our home for now.  The travel trailer butted up against the shop.  I am sure ready for some space.  Although I know we will appreciate it all the more once it is all done. 

The angle from the neighbors fenceline.  The concrete blocks are coming out from the edges, the old insulation that was hanging is being pulled away and everything prepped. 

Taken from the travel trailer door.  Skirting coming off, water lines cut, etc.   Whoo HOO!
One last angle from the neighboring fenceline.  The old delapitated porch that was disintegrating is pulled away from the mobile now, the old delapitated steps are pulled out, Miranda is checking it all out after school. 
Today should be more eventful with tires being put on and the tongue bolted on.  I am not sure they will pull it out today or not, but will be there with camera in hand. 
I need to go to the neighbors house to shower... so until next time.... Happy Homesteading! 

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