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Monday, November 19, 2012

Good Morning Monday!!!

Good Morning Monday!
So I haven't slept well in days.  Insomnia seems to have my number and I spent most of Sunday night and Monday morning fighting covers, tossing, turning, removing Lola's feet from my ribs, and just being miserable.  She finally awoke and I could see gray in the window blinds so I knew morning was here.  But it wasn't 'late' enough so I encouraged her to snuggle. 
She refused!  And with closed eyes I thought... fine let her play... I am just going to lay here for 10 more minutes...  For the first time all night I stretched my aching body.  I sighed and told Russ who was now stirring as well... "I need to just stretch out and rest a little while longer and I'll get up and make coffee."  He reached over and snuggled in...
And the loud knock on the door sent us both reaching for the ceiling.... Good morning Monday!
Curtis had arrived with his CAT and was ready to work.  So Russ got up... and I slowly got my bearings about me and joined the world of the living.  Well sort of... 
Here is today's progress:
Scraping away the mess.  Russ and I have the project of cleaning up the undermess of the old mobile, so if the rains let up tomorrow we will begin. 
Did I mention its been raining? 
Test hole and now mountain of dirt... :):)
My Lil helper.  I wish I could get in closer so you can see her Binky... Its two front teeth with a moustache... classic!  Our Son in Law bought it for her.. and is now her favorite... she asks for her 'face binky'.. lol 
Russ wants a CAT now too... not sure why?  lol 
Laying the lines for the runners. 
We have their approval.  After careful inspection... they went back to the yard...
Russ was climbing the mountain of dirt to get this picture...  Kinda makes you realize how big its going to be... 
All done... now we wait for the county to inspect the forms.  As soon as we have their approval... they will pour the concrete runners.  We are only putting up skirting right now to get things done with as minimal funds out of pocket...
I think they look great!  Inspection complete!  right??? 
Looking from the far fence line...
I couldn't help this one of Mr Cluck.  Isn't he just the most adorable banty!  I really need to find him another Mrs. Cluck or a new home... he wont go in the coop... and is so lonely... She was sitting on a clutch of eggs in the garden and I think either a coon or skunk got her... for days he would go to the gate and wait for her like he did all the time... and she would come to eat with him before returning to her nest... its just too sad!!! 
Partial new driveway... will finish once everything else is done and the trailer is moved...
And so it took hours for blogger to upload these pictures... and I am beyond tired.... until next time... Happy Housing! 

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