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Monday, December 3, 2012

In the HOME stretch

Its here... its here... its finally  here!!!
Ha.. you thought I'd start with the house right???  tehehehe
Filling in the runners...  and leveling the immediate area... 
Power box going in.... check...
Mom this one is for you... look at the mud behind her... now look at her jacket... take a deep breath!  It washed off tonight... lolol  I asked her what she was doing... and she told me," I am checking things out with my binoculars!" 
Oh yeah... the house... K... I am back on track...
Its here... we are waiting... There was no school today for an inservice day.  I thought that worked out well... they could watch their new home be brought in.  Miranda is under the weather anyway... sooo it worked out well. 
And here we go!!! 
First half going into the driveway.  I could not believe how close it came to the fence line, but they are experts in moving these huge things... it was amazing!
The front of the house... still on the street, getting lined up for the turn..
They had their chairs out watching... and running through the field...
Moving it to the pad.  The back side... the sliding glass door opening up to what will eventually be a deck and the back yard.  The pile of cement blocks and garbage that was bagged from under the old mobile to be hauled off tomorrow will be a deck... :) 
Lining it all up... that little crawler is just awesome. 
And this is about where they stopped...
One last one to show you where it was left until tomorrow. 
We are exhausted... and both the little girls are getting sick... so until tomorrow... good night!

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