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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Backing up to June
Beginning in June things began to rock and roll... it began with graduation of our Oldest girlz... Here's a few of them finishing out High School. 
With Grandma and Grandpa
Remember the pinky's...
Pinky promise fulfilled!
With Russ and I...
As little girls these two were inseparable.  Heathers room was decorated in Dolphins for years... her living room is still decorated in dolphins... so it was a fitting theme for their farewell speech I gave at their graduation party that followed a week later. 
The Great Dolphin Team
Many moons ago in a sea not so far away
Met two little dolphins that instantly went to play 
Attached at the fins and inseparable at heart
The two frolicked in the sea scape discovering each part 
From two different pods the two little calves met
But the bond between them was forever set 
It was in the second grade the grand plans were made
With a pinky fin promise to graduate together one day 
In the little dolphin school they went about their days
Learning and dreaming in little dolphin girl ways 
With elementary school over, the little pair grew
Into Dolphin middle school and training bras too! 
As middle school ended the sea began to churn
In the great storm they were split, for each other they did yearn 
Much like the barking chain that you hear in the canine bark
The two dolphins would echo from sea life to sea shark 
Never ending their love, their friendship still grew
But for what was in store, neither of them knew 
The one fragile dolphin searched for the pod that she lost
But found love in another pod not knowing the full cost 
The other dolphin and her pod left after the great storm
They swam deeper into sea to try and keep warm 
The great storm had left all the dolphins so very chilled
But high school dolphins now their minds fancied and thrilled 
Of ways to live out their childhood dream
Of finishing dolphin school as the great dolphin team 
As the lost dolphin searched and echoed for a way
The pod that loved her most kept listening everyday 
The little dolphins dreamed of making it to Japan
Living in dolphin condos and having the best tan 
And finally the echo came from ever so far
Little dolphin lost was near but the trip had been hard 
She brought with her a little dolphin calf in tow
Best little dolphin she will ever grow to know 
So the two teenage dolphins were together again
Although things were now different, as their lives began 
No longer BFF dolphins, but spiritual sisters at heart
Bickering ensued but both did their part 
Realization that their goals had somehow shifted
Love for each other gave them something so gifted 
To live out their one last childhood dream
To graduate dolphin school as the great dolphin team 
Today we sway gently in the Great sea of life
The storms are at bay and their futures are bright 
Both of my dolphins have Jehovah in their heart
And both of my dolphins have grown to be smart 
As our two little dolphins jump up today and bow
They drop back into the sea as graduates now 
Through all of their lessons, heartaches, and dreams
With a pinky fin promise… I give you… the great dolphin team

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