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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wedding #1

Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin and Mercedes Gonzalez
and Tristen
No we haven't lost our minds... well not that I am going to admit to right away.  Edwin's family could not make it on such short notice, so we embraced modern technology and put Wi-Fi, a laptop, and Skype to work.  His family was on the other end... his mother being walked down the aisle in traditional form... She was then led the rest of the afternoon around meeting people and watching the newlyweds cut cake and open gifts... it was fun...
The little flower girls seeing how fast they can dirty their dresses...
My poor Grandson... The tuxedo is hot... and all he wants is to nurse...

And they live happily ever after... right??? 

Wheew... one more to go...   

Seriously though... I have lost an entire folder of pictures from this wedding.  I cant find the ones of the cake, the food area, the formal shots that we ended up using for wall mounted pictures... once I find them I will add more...  gotta love living in limbo and not being able to find anything! 

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