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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Follow up on Girlz room


Raspberry Glitter

I am still feeling the after effects of paint fumes, so I sit here in bed pondering WHY I would do such a thing as use spray paint.  I KNOW better! 
In my own defense I used it a week prior to finish the little girls recycled shelf for their room.  I took the old white shelf from the old mobile home and its been in the shop, getting damp and dusty.  And I didnt get quite this sick.  Then again I didnt use quite as much paint and have to be around it so long! 
Lola and I cleaned it up and painted it raspberry.  OK I painted and Lola played in the mud.  I didn't take any pictures of the during process.  Sorry... there I go not documenting again! 
When we were done with the raspberry paint I took a can of cherry bomb glitter paint and went over the shelf and brackets again. 
Here is the final product. 
Yes its up high but it will be good for things like the basket up there that has Miranda's 'special tea set' and other sentimental things I am sure we still have packed in boxes that I have yet to unpack.  I don't have a knack for picture taking, so I was hoping the glitter would show up better... but it didn't!  LOL 
I really do need to find their artwork and get some pictures up on the walls... 
Lola's corner.... its not the sturdiest of shelves or baskets for that matter, but it will serve its purpose for the time being.. in keeping Lego's separated from stuffed animals from little pet shop critters. 
Part of the day yesterday was spent with Miranda doing homework.  She had to read a book and do a report and include a project that went with it.  So.. she read a cookbook from the 'old days' ... you know like 1980!  And she wrote out her report and her project was making snicker doodles.  Russ is really enjoying being able to DO things with the kids instead of hear about them, so he took the first half of making cookies and she and I finished them off. 
Sugar ... check ....
Butter... ummm... coconut oil instead... check...
And there is Lola trying to help...
She LOVES all the step stools...  I am going to have to buy one for me AGAIN and hide it so I know where it is when I need it... lol  And just for the record, I do put clothes on her... she takes them back off.. along with her socks and shoes.  I DO try to keep her civilized... really!! 
I am going to need a bigger shotgun for this one.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out... and elegant as she makes cookie balls sitting on the counter...lol 
Finished product....
She is growing up too fast for me.  I think she earned an A+!!!  Enough cookies for all the students in her class to go along with her book report, and quality time with Dad. 
Until next time... happy homesteading! 

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