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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kitchen organization

Kitchen Organization Project #1

I have many 'goals' for 2013.  My main three are doing more in my ministry, even if its only an hour a week more, becoming as chemical free as possible in a chemical laden world, and getting organized, including keeping this blog updated more than once every 6 months.  Living in 'temporary housing' for the last five years allowed me to have an excuse, but I am a person that NEEDS organization.  I have never been truly diagnosed with OCD, but I think maybe my tendencies are really coming out now that we have been so very blessed with this new home.  I want it in order and functional!!!!  :) 
I had been asked to relate what I had been up to... packing as much into my little kitchen as possible.  We have a couple more things on order, but one of the biggest projects is done and I think I am going to love it.  As soon as the paint fumes wear off and my head quits hurting!!! 
I found the plans on another blog called classyclutter.  I don't go there often, but it came up while searching DIY projects online.  Call it what you like, we call it a rolling pantry.   I envy people that think these things up... I am just grateful for the internet and the ability to find what I am looking for!
The gap between the refrigerator and counter is 7 inches wide leaving room for an upgrade later if we want ( and we will I suppose when this one finally dies in... who knows how long).  So until then I have a huge area of wasted space.  Broom and dustpan maybe?  Or the rolling pantry...  I opted for shelving!!! 
So here is how we spent the afternoon after being out in field service...
It was hard enough finding that little microwave to fit in that corner.  But we didn't want to give up any other counter space, so there it is... and there is the gap that is needing to be filled. 
Shelves on their sides.  one of our bestest friends works at the local lumber mill and had some lumber laying around in his garage that needed somewhere to go, and he brought it here, and although I was expecting to put it all together, this is what he brought me... WHAT A GUY!!! 
I would have nailed it together, but he has a knack for making furniture, so I am forever grateful when he helps us over here with things...
I set all the dowels in place and nailed them into place.  I should have put them out a little farther, but I am happy with the results... not bad for a girl... lol 
All the kids showed up today, except our beloved Aggie.  He was stuck working.  So Heather helped me paint.  So we both now have migraines and are sick right???  I opted for spray paint ( which I normally don't do) in hopes that the dry time would be faster.  It was, but my head is killing me from the fumes... Oh man!!!
The back... I put contact paper on the side that will be showing, but ran out, so I need to fix the bottom shelf eventually... 
kinda blurry, sorry.. by this point I have smelled enough paint to kill a small animal.  Next time I decide to opt for spray paint.. someone just say... NO! 
Wheels are on and we are letting it dry...
Now there's about a 2 inch gap.. the wood was 1 by 5's... 
Now this little hidden pantry will hold all our spices that we bought spice containers for at the dollar store.  We buy all of them in bulk so I was tired of mismatched containers and baggies filled with spices and herbs... and when we harvest from the garden... well you get the picture.  the first top rows will fit nothing but spices. With the containers we bought we can fit about 100.  We only bought 50, so we will have to think something up right???   That was sarcasm... I dont think we have 50 spices to fill the jars, I am eager to see what all we really have.  Teas, I am slowly getting rid of boxed teas, and have bought more little air tight jars at the dollar store to store bulk leaf tea in... So the next rows will be for teas, and other jarred bulk items.  Russ bought a label deal so we can reuse and relabel as we go.  The last three will be for other things, oils, oil spritzers that we use in lieu of Pam, ACV... etc.. 
So you really cant see it walking into the kitchen.  I also am utilizing precious wall space.  My roosters used to hold Rebels leashes and fly swatters in the old singlewide.  Now it hold trivets and utensils and one my more frequently used smaller colanders.  I will update other wall pot racks and knife magnets we are using to free up cupboards and drawers.  We only have 4 'small' drawers... so small we cant even fit in a silverware organizer.  I opted for a silverware caddy that I leave on the table or the edge of the bar that has napkins and our 'daily use' silverware.  I have never owned a full set of anything... so it helps that its not a true set.  LOL  I am really having to get creative in organization in this kitchen.  Its beautiful and it will be my forever kitchen...  so I just want it to be functional. 
Spice jars that are ready to be filled.  And the jars for teas and other bulk things.  We actually found them months ago at the dollar store and Russ bought a case a month of each so that when this project came to fruit we can sit down and get them all in order.  Guess what we will be doing tomorrow???  Another thing I should point out is I am have been getting rid of all plastic in the house, ( no rubbermaid for me) so getting rid of plastic spice containers was important to me.  It was one of the last things I really wanted to ditch in the kitchen.  The little glass jars were perfect, the tops are plastic still, but they have a side to scoop and side to shake the spice.  So its dual purpose and I like the ability to multitask an item.  :) 
What storage tips/ideas do you utilize in your small kitchen to make it more functional/green?  I am open to all ideas!  :) 

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