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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sun Dial Bridge Redding CA


I am not sure if I like this new blogger or not, but I like how it loads all the pictures into an album.  I hope its easier for everyone, if not let me know and I can go back and load them one by one.  hehehehe

The girls had fun today, we walked the botanical gardens of the trails and looked for turtles ( humph.. they hibernate, who knew!) Coming from Oregon and the cold snap we have had… I have a renewed love for the Sacramento Valley.  It was 75 degrees by afternoon and just gorgeous ( fruit trees are blooming!!!).  We watched the fisherman along the river, and the kids ran and played in the children's garden.  The medicinal garden was phenomenal, as is the water garden.   We began the trip with showing the girls the Redding Convention Center which is also the entrance to Turtle Bay Exploratorium.  I cant tell you how many fond memories I have of Circuit Assemblies there… running on the grass, picnicking with so many I hold dear in my heart from those early years in life.   I caught Russ teaching Miranda how to take pictures of the Canadian geese. 

The bridge itself is always amazing.  Smile   The girls loved the Amphitheatre…. and we even found a tent of squatters.  We didn’t veer off the trail, but I did take a couple of pictures…  They had a blast turning the handle and listening to the Indians talk in native tongue to explain how they used resources of the River… including acorn soup..

After Russ Dr. apt we ran down the freeway and took the girls to the house my family built in Cottonwood.  How different things looked.  Those pictures are on my phone, and I am about as literate electronically as a squirrel flying a plane.  lol  Needless to say they aren't making it on here until I figure out how to transfer all that! 

Its funny how I left this state at 17, never looking back.  I have been an Oregonian longer now than I was a “Northern Californian Giiiirrrllll”… lol  Its funny though how I can dip into the valley and look at majestic Mt. Shasta… and ease into Mt. Lassen…. push past Lake Shasta and I am home… this is where I began my life… even though we moved consistently throughout the State… we always ended back in Shasta county.  I cant wait to take my kids house boating, to the caverns, skiing up the mountain, back to Burney Falls ( Lola hasn’t been yet ) … 

So in no particular order I am going to try and load a ‘few’ of the 300 pictures Russ and I took today between the two of us… Enjoy! 


I wish the pictures were bigger.  We caught the dog drinking out the drinking fountain ( so glad I have bottled water)… but I hope you enjoyed our day…  Tomorrow we move onto the museum… more to come…Smile 


Until then… Happy Homesteading!!!!! 



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