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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Too many projects, not enough time!


Wood stove project

I was finally getting the desk organized… and after weeks of research we decided on a stove and had a friend from the coast come over to get the tile laid and the pad in. 

Wood stove project (2)

Wood stove project (4)

Wood stove project (8)

Wood stove project (15)


Wood stove project (16)

Kinda self explanatory huh? 

So away we go.  The weather is fair and I have that spring calling to get seeds in trays and in the hot house soon.  So we are trying to get the inside of the house in order as fast as we can! 

Will post more updates as soon as I put the new memory card in my camera.  Note to self:  do not leave memory card out where toddler can insert into her mouth and chew on it.  The camera does not like slobbery memory cards.  Smile

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