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Monday, February 18, 2013

Turtle Bay Day 2


Day two of Turtle Bay was met with much excitement not only for the museum and Paul Bunyan's Play yard, but the pleasant surprise of Family.  My sisters decided at the last minute to drive their kids over for the day as well.  And beings we see each other a couple times a year in a good year… I was not about to pass up hugs and giggles from my nieces and nephews.  You don’t realize how many pictures you are taking, until you download them into your computer… but between Russ and I, we took close to 800 pictures over the weekend.  I loaded the best of Russ camera first and then when I went to load mine, it put them in an album again.  Sorry.  I did it twice so I am not sure what I did different! 

Miranda’s favorite was the bird play house.  She loved the little birds chirping loudly and landing on everyone's heads.  Lola's favorite was… Dylan!  So in no random order again are the fish being fed, the caves, the history of the Indians, the area, the Dam, and the play yard.  We can’t wait to come back in the summer when the flutterbys are there! 




I think they were on sensory overload.  Lego spiders climbing the walls, insectaloopa, cars, slides, animals, water ways, everywhere you turned there was more.  It was a great little getaway except for the doctor stuff.  Maybe next time!  Today I need to go get pictures of the greenhouse that is now moved ( no way to take pictures and move it ya know) and start planning the new area opened up in the garden.  Smile  That’s my cue to get out of bed and on my feet… today should be really really neat!  Ha Ha Ha!

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